On the Wishlist- Fendi Cinderella Platform Heel

Move over Ruthie Davis! Here is another pair of shoes after my own heart! What girl does want to be a Disney princess?! Actually, this girl doesnt want to be a Disney princess because I am my own hero…. A prince couldn’t do a thing for me (enough of that rant). Even if I don’t want to  be a princess I can most certainly look like one! While the lucite heels may be a bit much for the tamer of divas, I consider it fabulous! This shoe is from the Spring/Summer 2010 Fendi shoe collection, but like any woman on the go, you gotta catch em if you can. They can NO LONGER be purchased at Saks online but check out your local/ not so local Fendi store to get a glimpse at em. These fab shoes come in black/clear lucite and grey and beige/pink  lucite for $1400. So enjoy the ball just be back before 12!

If you want to see what they look like on check out- http://theshoegirl.blogspot.com/2010/08/emmy-night.html


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