Champagne taste with beer budget

Ladies, sorry ive been MIA, I am still on the hunt for the perfect fall formal dress. I know it shouldnt be a big deal but i’m a senior and its my LAST ONE (gasp). So during my search I fell upon the greatest boutique that has ever existed! Seriously! I have never seen anything like the quality, uniqueness, and beauty of these dresses from A lot of the body con dresses on the site are dupes for the Herve Ledger dresses and the dresses in the “glamour” section are breathtaking.

They also have a store on ebay and they can be followed on Twitter @celebboutiquee and I was shocked to see they have few followers so lets get on it people! Anyway, check out the goods!

P.S The title of this post comes from an old Eartha Kitt song that I love and I will be drawing inspiration from her on my look for the formal since the theme is “old hollywood”. 

Tata for now!


3 thoughts on “Champagne taste with beer budget

  1. Hi,I really want to order a dress in the site but I am a lil scared.Have you ever order anything there????
    Is the website serious ?

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