I refuse to bury my husband!

I refuse to sit here and accept the death of Hip Hop! This week like millions of Americans, I tuned in to watch the BET Hip Hop honors and I was disappointed to say the least.  Antoine Dodson (famous from the bed intruder “song”) performed and I wondered, “is this what Hip Hop honors?!”. At a different award show, I would have accepted the performance as something skitworthy but at hip hop honors it just highlighted how much hip hop has changed into a mindless, stylized version of the lyricism and power we all fell in love with. Another tragedy is 50 tyson got signed to ATLANTIC RECORDS! C’mon Son!

I for one refuse to accept this change and will continue to listen to throwbacks and classics waiting for better artists to emerge. In the late 80’s and early 90’s if you asked who were the best popular hip-hop lyricists a huge debate would ensue, including dozens of artists. Now, if you ask the same question, most people could only think of two or three artists at best (Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay z, you get the picture). What happened to us hip hop? Remind me why I fell in love with you.

I digress, check out some songs that I love and will continue to love as I hold on to the remnants of hiphop (One classic and one throwback)

For the throwback, I am only IN LOVE with the 1st verse.


By the way, today is the dance! Wish me luck!


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