Pnk Accessories

So I am a woman always on the hunt for the perfect romance… with jewelry. Believe me ladies, after years of searching I have found my Romeo and I will happily play Juliet- sans the whole death thing. My newfound lovething is PNK Elephant! Finally, a shop for real women! I simply love all the pieces and the minute I entered the site I was in accessory heaven. Each piece is breathtaking and I was expecting a hefty price tag (it would be totally worth it) but each piece is reasonably priced with everything under 30 bucks with most items around $10-$18. Some of my faves are dupes for the items celebrities wear.

This piece I hold near and dear to my heart. I have been looking for this ring since birth and I stumbled upon the Cage ring in muted silver and was moved to tears (ok, I’m being dramatic but I was moved to my credit card).

All in all PNK Elephant is now a staple in my jewelry box, my wishlist and my heart. Check out the photos and their website. Smooches! 



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