Femcees Wanted: Dead or alive

So the thoughts of hip hop losing its way has been rolling around in my head for sometime but it seems no one ever thinks about the loss of the femcee. Once upon a time there were several female rappers in heavy rotation on the airwaves now we only really hear one voice, Nicki Minaj’s. While I do not have any problems with Nicki (I actually think she’s a very clever lyricist) I think the issues that circle her are symptomatic of the disease currently plaguing Hip-Hop. Misogyny in Hip-Hop is a huge issue and we’l

l chat about that later but I am concerned of the moniker of Ms. Minaj and what young people absorb from her character.

If old school and throwback femcees where to be plotted along the scale of feminism what would be each of their platforms?

Queen Latifah: Gender EqualityLil Kim: Sexual Freedom
Eve: Violence against women
Foxy Brown: Feminsm for young girls
Yoyo: Female empowerment
Left Eye:Family Law/ sexual harassment
Lauryn Hill: Womanist IssuesMissy Elliot: Body politics

While none of these examples are flawless for the sake of arguement, humor me. What would be Nicki’s platform? The plastic barbie nature of girls bodies? The girlfight and hate of fellow females (read:lil kim)? I wish for answers but I only have observations and questions.

Yours in candor,
Nostalgia J


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