The Fancy chicks Gift Guide

So ’tis the season and with less than 20 days until Santa arrives many people are running around with gift mania on the brain (and the wallet). You may even be asking yourself, what do you get the girl that has it all? Well, I’ll tell you! Most of the gifts are super frugal and all of them are fabulous!

1.Candles- Go ahead and light up her world

2. Leather Gloves- Perfect for butterfly kisses in the cold and snowball fights

3. A wool Cloche- Maybe this is something only I want but, eh, it’s staying on the list

4. Money- Not very thoughtful but when in doubt, cash it out! 

5. Demeter Perfumes- At 15-20 bucks a bottle these little fragrances blow my mind. The have scents that are awe inspiring, perfect for anyone sweet enough (I like “laundromat” and “Jolly Rancher Watermelon” fragrances) 

6. Backless dresses- I found a whole bunch under $30 and they are perfect for the holidays (think mistletoe, a backless dress and hot cocoa). 

7. Sequined Dresses- Well, New Years in right around the corner right?! 

8. An Ikea table- Great for anyone in their twenties either living in a dorm or moving into an apartment of  their own (like me!). Its a cheapie gift (last I checked they were under 10 bucks) that looks like you dropped duckets.  

9. Thigh High boots- Because every metropolitan woman deserves a pair! 

10. A music player- I am one of those freaks  who never got on the Ipod bandwagon and I only own a 1st generation shuffle never bothering to keep buying more when new ones came out. Now, I find myself with my broken Ipod shuffle and a music less life (cue the violins).  


Hope you enjoyed the list, for details on where to buy or photo credit/information comment below. Happy Holidays!



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