Birthday Wishes

So I woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in my knee, I feel so old probably because it’s my birthday!!!! Well, it will be in less than 24 hours. The last two years were terrible birthdays for me, last year I got into massive fights with everyone and the year before that I got robbed (it’s ok to laugh at that i’m not bitter. lol). So this year I am entering the whole week with a positive outlook and I have some birthday wishes for all of you who have been asking what I wanted/ what to get me.

1. Clarity- I want to turn all my dreams into realities and help clear all the fog in my head

2. Closure- The most important as new years is right around the corner and I want to start the year off right

3. Music

4. Laughter

5. Strength

6. Hope

7. Good Health

8. Great friends

9. Craft Supplies

10. Love

11. Tears- Some people think tears are a sign of weakness, I think they are a sign of strength if you are strong enough to truly emote, that is just fabulous

12. Candor

13. Magic

14. Serendipity

15. Puffy Paint

16. A long sleeve dress

17. Courage- I am trying to find the courage to post my poetry on my blog but honestly, I’m scared.

18. The ability to swim

19. A drivers license

20. You



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