Designer Spotlight: Design and Conquer

I had the honor of stumbling across this line of jewelry through the suggestion of one of my Twitter followers, and my eyes twinkled when I checked out the site. The futuristic designs are refreshingly minimalistic and yet unique enough to capture the eye and affection of any owner. They can be purchased at Here’s a quote from the “about us” page

“All pieces in the collection are handmade from custom-fabricated plastic polymers. Large or small, the designs are light, flexible, and covertly comfortable to wear. A unique fusion of industrial and organic aesthetic, Design + Conquer jewellery is like no other.

Founded in 2008, Design + Conquer has been seen on the runway at Toronto Fashion Week, in FASHION Magazine, ELLE Canada, and the National Post, and has been exhibited internationally.” Adapted from website


One thought on “Designer Spotlight: Design and Conquer

  1. Designer & Conquer collection is incredible. I have had the pleasure of working with her in the spring. But have known about her since I first saw and fell in love with that neck piece in the first photo at Portobello West Fashion market in Calgary a couple of years ago. Love her pieces! Good to see NYC is checking her out. Cheers!

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