Designer Spotlight: Pavon NYC

I am newly in love with wearing brights all year! Pavon NYC always amazes me with 80’s inspired pieces all while revamping old trends to be much more fresh and exciting. Pavon NYC designs for ambitious, strong, and bold women who are not afraid to immerse themselves  in color! More on Pavon NYC:

“Luz & Victoria were born in the late 80’s/early 90’s. In 2004, while still in their teens, they decided to go and explore the world and traveled to many different countries.

The Pavon sisters felt amazingly inspired by the variety of cultures, landscapes, languages, traditions and colors they experienced. Their adventures peaked in Madrid, where they decided to stay for a few years to finish their studies and began the creation of their dream: their own fashion label.

In 2008, they moved to New York City where the brand Pavon by luz & victoria was founded. The Ruffle Tube Dress was born in 20 different colors and prints. Their first client was the stylist from Sex and the City, Patricia Field. The designs then started to distribute in L.A., Europe and Asia.

They created limited editions and styles inspired in decades from 60’s to 90’s, reinventing it with new fabrics, colors, and textures. PAVON by luz & victoria remains loyal to the Ruffle Tube Dress, the heart of their fashion label.” Adapted from designers’ “About us” page

To purchase check out:

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