Designer Spotlight: Brandy Pham

Up for a new line? Check out for refreshing accessories that are sure to stay in style for many seasons to come! Brandy Pham’s designs are classic, flirty and feminine without breaking the bank. Brandy Pham’s line truly caters to women who know how to stay in style on and off the runway! Supporting small businesses is intergral in the world of fashion because every diva deserves  to be an individual, not a copy. Follow Brandy Pham on twitter @brandypham

“Brandy Pham’s line is inspired by everyday life — personalities of people she meets, nature, and her own love for classic and feminine style.  Brandy’s aesthetic reflects her unique background having lived all over the country — Hawaii, Miami, Texas, Kansas, New Orleans, Arkansas, and now New York City.

Brandy designs easy-to-wear, eye-catching, luxurious, and affordable pieces. Her goal is to create beautiful pieces that are chic, effortless, and comfortable to wear because when you feel and look comfortable, you’ll always look your very best! ‘I consider all aspects of a woman’s daily life when designing and want my jewelry to complete each look for a woman, whether she wants to feel edgy, a little vintage, glam or romantic.’  The appeal of Brandy Pham is suitable for all budgets.” Adapted from


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