In my own little corner: Power of a man

I wrote this poem over three years ago, and thats the name of that tune. Check it out

Broken, Broken but not shattered
Dropped off in a land with more tree than people, with the belief that you cared
I flipped a coin and called it in the air: A relationship built on artifice
I forgot my woman’s intuition in favor of
The Power of A Man
…Lies from the jump roped in another woman
Double the risk, I threw caution to the wind and
Got Blown Away
Amazed at the Power of A man
Indeed I shed tears, but do not be fooled they are not mine
They belong to you. and you
Own a piece of me
Indeed I relinquish my tears, my memories
but I will forever hold my essence
And here I take back and hold the power of a man
I will NOT take a backseat to you
Perhaps you can ride in the passenger
You may wear the pants but I control the zipper…
Where is the power of a man?


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