Calling all mixologists! Part two!

More hair recipes from blackhairmedia

7oz Shea butter (Unrefined, straight from Africa)
4oz Aloe Vera Gelly (Clear, Fruit of the Earth brand from Target-I used this because it already has preservatives in it)
3oz Coconut Oil (this gives it a solid pomade texture)
2oz oil of your choice (I’m sure any oil will do but I used Banana flavored oil = Canola oil + banana flavoring)
OPTIONAL: Drops of your fave EOs if you don�t use a strong flavor oil
First, I melted the Shea butter in a glass bowl set in boiling water. While that was melting I softened the coconut oil in the mic (not all the way to liquid) then I mixed it in a glass bowl with the Aloe gel and Banana oil with a wire wisk. When the Shea was fully melted I poured it in the Aloe/oil mix and broke out the cake mixer. I beat it on medium speed for about two minutes. Then I poured it into an empty plastic container that has an air tight lid. It didn’t solidify overnight so I put it in the fridge for a coupla hours then set it out to get to room temp.
This stuff mixed perftectly into a soft pomadey type butter (it looks sorta like dark yellow butter) and it has a delicious banana scent! It seems like it should be greasy at first touch, but it’s actually very light, probably because I didn’t use much heavy oils-It literally melts right into my skin and hair.

Hair mask/DT
pureed banana (discard the core with the seeds)
blackstrap molasses
plain yogurt
a tbs of apple cider vinegar
cornstarch in cold water
rhassoul or bentonite clay
slippery elm powder
hot water

Process in a food processor. Apply to wet hair, heat cap for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Clay hair mask II
Slippery elm powder
Grapeseed or your favorite oil
Fenugreek water and more hot water as needed

Deep conditioner
Coconut milk
cheapie conditioner
coconut oil
castor oil



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