Dupe Alert: Oscar De la Renta

Recently, some one emailed me to ask what was my favorite dress worn on Sex and the City and hands down it is the pink Oscar de la Renta dress Carrie wore on her date to the Opera with Aleksandr Petrovsky (the one her brought for her after she read Vogue to him). Anyway, for FIVE years I have been looking for a dupe for this dress and I am finally getting warmer. Mind you this dupe needs a little work, ie the addition of a patent leather belt and a box of matte pink Rit fabric dye, but I still think it’s a good dupe for the price.

The dupe dress can be purchased from: http://us.asos.com/ASOS-ASOS-Tailored-Full-Skirt-Dress/v0uo9/?iid=1260325&utm_source=google_product_search&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=google_product_search&r=2&mporgp=L0Fzb3MvQXNvcy1UYWlsb3JlZC1GdWxsLVNraXJ0LURyZXNzL1Byb2Qv




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