Skin Care Dare: pH

I just got a few tweets of ladies in their twenties asking about my skin care regimen and I am happy to share. I had a bit of a hard time at first with my skin because while I never had bad acne I had blemishes and when they would go away they would leave scars or dark spots behind. I literally purchased all the commerical acne cleansers and soaps to combat this cycle and none of the really worked they just made my skin ANGRY! I began to research why I had these skin issues in the first place, did I have bad skin? Was it because I was in my teenage years? Nope, it was because of my regimen.

This is a little science lesson, sorry folks! Skin has a natural pH between 4.5 and 7. While most soaps have an pH between 8 and 10. Skin needs to be acidic because this quality kills bacteria, the same terrible bacteria that causes acne and blemishes in the first place! Soap with a high pH are basic and take away the acidity of the skin allowing bacteria to fester on your face!

How does one restore facial acidity? Well, my favorite way is by using a cheapie, homemade EFFECTIVE toner to keep the skin’s pH where it should be and zits at bay.

The Perfect Toner

1 part water

1 part apple cider vinegar

Thats it, it really works! If you like, try it for a month and let me know the results!



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