Boutique Spotlight: Karens Closet NY

As many of you know I am always on the hunt for a great dress, there are just so many events and reasons to throw on a dress, side bar I hate when people say “what are you dressed up for?” Um Life. Dress up for yourself not other people! Carrie Bradshaw once said “My relationship is at a standstill so I am evolving my look” in that vein I found a major headturner at Karen’s Closet NY.

The dress is very simple but I think it would accentuate any fabulous girl’s curves (curves we should embrace not purge)! I love this dress, I imagine it worn with a bootie, no jewelry and very big hair, cuz that’s how I roll! Every Bad chick (bad in a good way) needs a freakum dress like this in their closet!

Here are the specs:

spandex/ nylon peacock dress with a dash of sheen.

Peacock pieces on the sides are made with lace and threads.

Form fitting

Fabric: Nylon/spandex blend


Also, I am working out an interview with the Buyer and Owner of Karen’s Closet so hopefully that will be up by the end of the month!

Longer letters later,




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