Hair, hair, everywhere: Oil Shampooing

Hey divas, I have been looking for more information on ways to cleanse hair. Last week, I ran out of my favorite sulfate-free shampoo and I made the mistake of using regular shampoo on my delicate strands thinking “what’s the worst that can happen”, well, my hair ended up dry, dull, and unmanageable after a great deal of nursing my hair back to health I began to wonder about alternatives to hair washing. I don’t want to keep spending money on sulfate free shampoos, I looked into a method called “oil shampooing” and its benefits seem to be right on the ball. Next time I wash I will be mixing one part shampoo, one part coconut oil.

Check it out:

  • Hair Nourishment: You all know how beneficial the medium chain fatty acids like Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid and Myristic Acid present in Coconut Oil, are for skin & hair. When coconut oil is mixed in shampoo, these nutrients nourish the scalp and make the hair root and follicles healthy.
  • Anti Ageing: The components discussed above are good anti oxidants and thus prevent untimely whitening and falling of hair.
  • Moisture Retention: Coconut oil is an efficient moisture retainer and does not let the scalp dry out. This prevents breakage of hair.
  • Vitamin-E: The contribution of this component towards skin and hair is well known. This keeps your scalp and hair root healthy and vitalizes hair.
  • The Oily Factor: Detergent or soap based Shampoos leave your hair dry, rough, hard and bleached. That is why sometimes you find your comb does not go smoothly through your hair after you shampooed them. The oil (here, saturated fats) in shampoo counters this effect. It keeps it smooth and shiny.
  • The Fragrance: Coconut Oil adds a sweet and refreshing scent to the shampoos. It is a bonus.

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