Hair, hair, hair everywhere: Wants and Needs

I have been asked what my hair needs to thrive and it’s kinda hard to answer that question as I have still not reached my hair goals. I have noticed that there are somethings my hair needs in order to maintain its health and things I want it to do.


  • Protein for thickness (I get protein overload easily)
  • Curl enhancing creams (none of which work for me)
  • Henna (But I have no reason to henna my hair)
  • Growth Serums
  • Heat for straighter strands (but when I put heat to my hair, it is a slippery slope to heat damage


  • Moisture
  • A good leave in
  • Protection from Chlorine
  • Low/no manipulation
  • Love
  • gentle care
  • Co-washes

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