Boutique Interview: Karen’s Closet NY

After posting this I was flooded with positive emails and requests to get to know the people behind the boutique more. I set out to get an exclusive interview with the good people responsible for adding glamour to our wardrobes and keeping most of it under 100 bucks! I am proud to be a supporter of this boutique and I hope it grows and becomes a staple in the closets of all my readers! Check out this Jones for Fashion exclusive interview!

What are your favorite styles/ trends for the spring?  
For the spring, I love incorporating color with modest sex appeal.  Our spring line contains a lot of colorful items, but each design is chosen in a way that every women can flaunt their favorite asset.  I try to incorporate designs that would flatter every woman’s most endowed asset differently; from open backs, to mesh tops and pieces that truly shows a girls frame.
What is your style mantra/business motto?
My Business motto is to just keep going. There are days when I have doubts and I simply look back at where I was the previous year and immediately feel better. “Anything worth having is worth fighting for” and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

My style mantra is to always re-discover yourself. I often empty my closet and finds tons of items I forgot that I had! I like having a classical look but I love trying new things and seeing how they turn out!

How did you business have its beginnings? I always had a love for fashion, but reality told me that I needed a stable job.  In my efforts to support my family, I went to nursing school with a plan to solely work in the medical field.  One day I had a revelation and realized there was nothing stopping me from achieving both of my dreams  but myself.  At that moment I set forth and decided to open up Karen’s ClosetNY.

What is your favorite item in your collection?My favorite items in this collection are the peacock dresses and sienna bandage skirts.

What would you pair it with?Both are so cute and versatile! You can dress them up with nude pumps or throw on some sandals for a more casual look.

What are your fashion must-haves? Everyone woman knows that a little black dress is a necessity, but we often forget that we need at least one color pop dress.  Having a splash of color in your wardrobe is essential because it brings about a look and feeling of confidence.  Especially as we enter the warmer months, everyone needs to incorporate at least one color dress, where you wear your inner glow on the outside. I also love jewelry so funky rings, and dramatic earrings are also a part of my fashion must-haves.

Chose two fashion icons: one past, one present. In the last four years, Kim Kardashian and really evolved as an American Socialite.  However, beyond just party status, Kim K has evolved as fashion icon.  She loves to accessorize and she’s not afraid to show her figure.  A lot of Karens Closet NY, is inspired by the Kardashian style. Kim confidently shows her curves so at KarensCloset, I like to designs that embraces a woman’s physique.

In terms of fashion, are you a Jackie O, or a Marilyn Monroe? I’m definitely a Marilyn.  Marilyn was the risk taker of of decade.  She dressed the way she felt, and had a fashion sense that was uninhibited.  Just by a quick glance of Karens Closet, you can tell that our style correlates with that of Marilyn’s.

Where do you see Karens Closet in five years? 
In five years, I definitely see Karens Closet emerging from the computer clicks to actual shopping bags.  In the short amount of time as an on-line store, we have done fairly well and gained some loyal customers.  One question that is frequently asked is if we have a store.  So I want to focus on that and also making KarensCloset more global.  I plan on doing some marketing so that women in Europe will also know that this is somewhere where they can find pieces to enhance their wardrobe.

If you could your line could talk, what would it say? If my line could talk, it would say, “Wear you confidence inside out.”  From our pieces to even the foundation that Karens Closet was founded upon; it all has a lot of it has to do with being self- motivated.  Clothes shape your appearance , and your appearance shapes your attitude.  It’s a cycle and once you understand that, there’s no stopping you.

What is your favorite fashion quote? 
Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.  – Epictetus

Any parting words to the readers? Don’t use clothes to hide who you are, wear them to embrace it.

Please check out for more fun fashions! 

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