Hair, hair everywhere: Hair updates

Hello all! Sorry I have been away from the blog for so long I have been super busy with wrapping up my college career! I wanted to give some updates on my hair.

This month:

My hair has grown at least two inches! I think it has been four but I have not measured with yet, this is a guesstimate.

I have sustained some heat damages on my bangs 😦

I am addicted to my curlformers

I made my own leave in conditioner and I love it (ask me for the recipes and I will provide)

I have been using Placenta in my hair, it makes me happy but I see no difference in my hair’s shine or strength, but maybe it is still too early to tell

I trimmed less than 1/4 inch on some parts of my hair that seemed to be struggling

My Tangle Teezer and I are best friends

I no longer tea rinse (mainly due to laziness)


4 thoughts on “Hair, hair everywhere: Hair updates

    • I use one part conditioner, one part water and 1/2 coconut oil and use it as a leave in. It works like a styling spritz or holding creme too! My hair loves this!

      Try it and let me know if you like it!

      • I use a cheapie since I use it to mix with other things. I usually use my VO5 moisture milks conditioner. It moisturizes great and it smells wonderful!

        Hope this helped!
        Let me know if you try it!

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