Boutique Interview: Pink Stiletto

Jones for Fashion: Pink Stiletto Interview What are your favorite styles/ trends for the summer? Bright lips. Corals and blues… colors that never got enough attention in my book.

What is your style mantra/business motto? Bold, Modern, Bright, Edgy, I believe fashion should shock, make-up should push the envelope and hair should take chances. I am drawn to new fabrics, unique silhouettes, metallics and strong colors. I am spontaneous, creative and always responsive to whatever is new. Trends are not my thing; I am fashionable, but only in the most out-there way. Style for me is about challenging people and their notions of how things ought to be. Get Pink’D is my motto. This is actually a directive. Women for years, especially women of color have been told to avoid certain shades because it would make you look like a clown. In particular, Pinks, reds and blues. I aspire to break that antique concept. Get Colorful, be bold and Get Pink’D! Truthfully, even my neutrals are noticeable.

How did you business have its beginnings? My grandmother had inspired my love for make-up because she was the local AVON lady. I became a Make-up artist and plus model. Frustrated with not being able to find the right colors to actually show up on my skin for photo shoots ; I created Pink Stiletto Cosmetics. At first every shade was a miss.. I continued to educated myself and now I tend to have more hits.

What are your three favorite items in your collection? Runway a super bold, red Lip Whip, Naked, for my neutral moments, and Sun-kissed blush…a bronzer/Blush Hybrid , it’s my new fav! How do you find inspiration for your lip whips? Color! I look for colors that are atypical to find in a lipstick. Then it’s Tones I aspire to create awesome undertones in Lipwhips to make it easy for anyone to wear. Did you know you must actually whip your LipWhip to activate it? Once whipped it will respond to your body temperature and shine!

Who is the ideal face of Pink Stiletto?  High Cheek bones, Full Lips and Eyes that can take a color fiasco…she must be confident and have an untraditional personality that screams at the camera. I am still seeking the face of PinK Stiletto. I will know it once I see it.

In your opinion, what is a makeup no-no? Not blending your eyeshadow if it’s not intentional. Color blocking is a non-traditional make-up style that is trendy this spring. As a professional I use this technique to showcase my colors. However, off the runway or studio… Blending shadows really helps make the look more wearable.

What are your makeup must haves? Lipgloss and Eyeliner… I can not go without them.. Even clear gloss will do in a jiffy. I am currently into wearing a new unreleased shade Perfectly Pink by my own line-No worries , it will be available soon.

Where do you see Pink Stiletto in five years? I can only hope, pray and work hard towards having Pink Stiletto Cosmetics available locally at small fashionable boutiques or it’s own retail shop. I understand that it’s difficult to purchase color cosmetics online because you are afraid that it will not be that shade. Pink Stiletto was created to end that fear. I want ladies to be able to walk-in , try it and say ” Wow! it is that shade! I think in 5 years we could be there.

Any parting words to the readers? Yes . Pink Stiletto Cosmetics prides itself on putting the customer first. If you have any questions or concerns or need help choosing color you can call me directly 1-347-766-PINK or use the Contact Us link on my website.

Deal Alert: As a special for being featured in this Interview I’d like to offer your readers a Limited time offer: 20% off any $20 or more order! Just type the Promo Code : JONESBLOG before checkout.


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