Designer Interview- Heel Condoms

Jones for Fashion: Heel Condoms

Where did you get the idea for heel condoms?

The original idea came about when I wanted to travel with a small suitcase and many pairs of shoes to match my outfits. There I thought, if I created something that partially changed the color and style of shoes, why would I need more than one basic pair? 

How did heel condoms get their name?

Aside from making your shoes different, Heel Condoms protect the heel, hence the name “condom”. The name was chosen wisely to create a viral effect on the media and as well as on viewers, whether they loved it or hate it. Another upside of the name is its ability to indirectly promote safe sex practices, which is currently a crucial issue.

What is a style staple every girl needs?

Nude pumps. These are a must, especially if we want our legs to have a longer look and they match with every Heel Condom 😉

Where did you get your inspiration for each style of heel condom?

Inspiration for each style comes from my own fashion sense and what I feel would not only enhance the look of a shoe to make it look extravagant but also be practical to match with different outfits as well.

What are your two favorite items in your collection?

The pink Heel Condoms with flowers on the side and the orange one from the Heel Panties collection!

Finish the sentence. A woman who wears Heel Condoms is…confident enough to accessorize her accessoriesJ!

If your heel condoms had a theme song, what would it be? Got to be real by Cheryl Lynn.

Are you looking to expand your brand with other items? If so, give us the details.

Yes! It is currently under development.

Heel Condoms and all, describe your perfect outfit.

White long sleeve blouse with collar and a big yellow broche added on the right side. A hot pink A-line skirt (circa 1950s), nude pumps and yellow flower Heel Condoms.

What do you want readers and customers to know about your brand?

Heel Condoms is not only a brand created for trendsetters but also for the practical woman who wants to be able to make the most out of her basic shoes or spice up an old pair of shoes.


4 thoughts on “Designer Interview- Heel Condoms

  1. Hey…I m a Business management student doing research on heel condoms. Can you please tell the content used to make this condom – is it fabric or silicon??

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