Hair, hair everywhere: ceramides

So I have finally figured out what my hair diet has been missing! Ceramides. I first heard of ceramides about two years ago but I never looked in to them because I assumed they were a chemical but in the hair for manageability (excuse my ignorance). After quite a great deal of research I have a better understanding of what they are and are not!

Ceramides in short are lipids that create a protective barrier around your hair to hold in moisture and protein, while simultaneously guarding your hair against the heat damage, chemical processes. They basically anchor protein to your hair and act as a shield around the hair shaft.

Under a microscope, hair that appears healthy has a smooth, flat cuticle without any gaps or holes.  Ceramides are also present on the cuticle.  Hair that appears damaged, may not only lifted cuticles, gaps and holes, ceramides will be missing.

Ceramides have a myriad of natural sources, here are some of them!

Wheat Germ Oil
Barley Malt Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
walnut oil
sunflower oil
kukui oil
Eucalyptus Extract



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