Me and my hair: Silicon Mix

Hey yall, I first noticed silicon mix at my local beauty supply store and I ignored it because of the ho-hum packaging and the “miracles” it claimed on its packaging. Years later, people began posting rave reviews on many of the hair boards I frequent. I finally got around to trying it and I like it quite a bit! Keep in mind the product contains cones (hence the name) as well as mineral oil (two no- nos for natural hair) but for some reason it works. Its probably the ceramides and protein mix that works and the other ingrediants act as fillers.

How I used it:

I put my hair into four sections and I slathered it all over my hair. I left it for about thirty minutes with no heat and washed it out. I immediately noticed how soft my hair was but thought there was no major difference until I started the detangle process. I did not need a comb or brush. My hair only needed my hands for gentle coaxing. Not Bad. I will likely only use this once a month because I am deathly afraid of product buildup. Overall I give this product a B


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