Peace and Hair Grease!

I have been meaning to touch on this subject for awhile and I hope it’ll help a few people.

Hair Grease. Use it or Lose it?

For me, lose it. I have not used hair grease in about six years, wayyy before I even considered going natural. For me hair grease is the bane of our existance. The ingredients that are most abundant are petroleum, mineral oil and microcrystalline wax all of which can clog the pores and the hair follicule and slow or halt growth.

People still use it for styling, or to give the scalp and hair shine but all of these things can be accomplished by substituting grease with shea butter or a natural oil which is often the same price or cheaper. In my opinion there is no reason not to make the switch!

Sidebar: Grease also weighs down the hair and takes away the “swing” that many of us love, limiting hair options. To me grease fails at what it sets out to do.


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