The story of stuff

Ok so, I figured I should do a post on why I so soooo HAM for natural personal care products. Well in undergrad I studied environmental policy and I learned alot about personal care products and the lack of regulation of them in this country (the United States). A great deal of shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, lotions, etc contain phthalates and carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and there is little to no  protection for consumers/ lack of laws. So I figure anytime I can cut out products in favor of ones that are all natural I will.

So far I have cut out (in favor of all natural substitutes)

Shampoos- I now use Castille soap

Lotions- I now use coconut oil or shea butter as moisturizer

Cosmetic soaps- once again castille soap

Eyeshadows- I now use mostly micas. I miss the old stuff though.

My whole body has reaped the rewards of these changes. Please watch the vid before for more deets.


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