Thirty Things I love: Sweet Annie’s Scents

A few weeks ago, I stumbled about the Etsy Seller Sweet Annie’s Scents, there was a banner directing me to her personal website where she sells all kinds of cute, functional and fabulous personal care products. I was looking for somewhere I can buy delicious smelling soaps that were also decorative but did not come with the Lush brand price tag. I placed a small order and got it very quickly, I mainly wanted to test out the quality of smell, and texture of her lotions (I am super OCDish when it comes to my personal care products) and I am VERY happy.

The lotion has a whipped texture that leaves my skin moisturized without being greasy and the Peach scent is decadent without being too sryupy sweet. Perfection. The owner DID NOT ask me to write this post (she doesnt even know I’m writing it) and I bought my lotion with my own bucks.

I look foward to sending these perfect functional home decor gifts to my friends and collagues once the holiday season comes along (specifically the soap pops!) . If you love kitchy gifts and decorative soaps check her out here:



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