John Frida 3-day Straight vs me!

Last week, I was feeling a bit jittery about my hair. I was growing a bit tired of curly styles so I opted to straighten my hair with a flat iron. I wanted to invest in a heat protectant but since there are no Sally’s beauty supply stores in Manhattan (which makes me sad because they carry my favorite heat protectant [the dupe for chi silk infusion] I headed to the beauty supply store on 14th street to get my fix. I found the John Frida 3-day straight spray and decided to buy. So here are the deets:


They say:

  • Weightless spray with heat protection blocks out frizz as you straighten. Proprietary blend of polymers with keratin protein wraps each strand, sealing in straight styles for up to 3 days.* Keeps hair glossy, smooth, and swinging with body.
  • *or until next shampoo if less than 3 days

I say:

  • The product has a pleasant smell for a product in this class, other products (ie Garnier Blow Dry perfecter) reek to high heaven.
  • My results held up a bit longer than 3 days (5 days) but that 5th day was pushing it
  • It’s kinda a bummer than the product has to be used when the hair is damp or wet
  • I used in conjunction with a heat protectant serum. The directions did not suggest if you should do that, so a little more clarity in terms of directions would be nice

The washout:

  • My hair felt like cones galore and it took awhile to get the product completely out. When the water hit my hair, it stayed straight for awhile but once I hit it with Shampoo my curls came back with a spring in their step
  • After washing, my hair felt clean and soft (but I will clarify soon just in case)
  • I had no heat damage

I hope this was helpful! ❤



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