Ivy & Blu Maggie Boutique

It’s summertime (which also means it’s wedding season)! About everyone I know is getting married so I’ll be needing a gaggle of dresses to get to through the season.

Generally, I don’t double up on my dresses, if I wear it to one wedding, I won’t be wearing it to another. So I need a lot of dresses that are both fabulous and affordable.

I found a wonderful website that fits the bill for what I am looking for in a dress. To be honest, I don’t know much about this boutique but if their customer service, and blogger appreciation is as fabulous as their dresses are, then I am all in! I would also love to collaborate with them or do an interview because I really think they deserve some more spotlight!

Anyway, here are my picks from Ivy and Blu Maggie Boutique (be sure to follow them on Twitter @ivyandblu)

1. The Amber Dress


2. The Casey Peplum Dress


3. Lori Floral Print Sheath 


4. Rihanna Mirror Print Dress




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