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Woo wee Weddings- The dress

So the way I feel about weddings is the way Cinderella feels about balls (the formals, that is…). Anyway, my buddy Paula is getting married and I thought it would be fun to discuss my journey as a guest and how I am getting ready for the event.

#1- The dress

I wanted something nice and either jewel toned or soft toned because it’ll be a summer wedding. I really wanted to stay away from blacks (because it’s too much of a dreary color for a happy occasion) and creams and whites (for obvious reasons)

Here are some dresses I considered:

Gorgeous Couture 


John Zack



John Frida 3-day Straight vs me!

Last week, I was feeling a bit jittery about my hair. I was growing a bit tired of curly styles so I opted to straighten my hair with a flat iron. I wanted to invest in a heat protectant but since there are no Sally’s beauty supply stores in Manhattan (which makes me sad because they carry my favorite heat protectant [the dupe for chi silk infusion] I headed to the beauty supply store on 14th street to get my fix. I found the John Frida 3-day straight spray and decided to buy. So here are the deets:


They say:

  • Weightless spray with heat protection blocks out frizz as you straighten. Proprietary blend of polymers with keratin protein wraps each strand, sealing in straight styles for up to 3 days.* Keeps hair glossy, smooth, and swinging with body.
  • *or until next shampoo if less than 3 days

I say:

  • The product has a pleasant smell for a product in this class, other products (ie Garnier Blow Dry perfecter) reek to high heaven.
  • My results held up a bit longer than 3 days (5 days) but that 5th day was pushing it
  • It’s kinda a bummer than the product has to be used when the hair is damp or wet
  • I used in conjunction with a heat protectant serum. The directions did not suggest if you should do that, so a little more clarity in terms of directions would be nice

The washout:

  • My hair felt like cones galore and it took awhile to get the product completely out. When the water hit my hair, it stayed straight for awhile but once I hit it with Shampoo my curls came back with a spring in their step
  • After washing, my hair felt clean and soft (but I will clarify soon just in case)
  • I had no heat damage

I hope this was helpful! ❤


Head to Head: Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Balance Moisturizing Conditioner vs Giovanni Smooth As Silk™ Deeper Moisture Conditioner

Ring the bell ladies, this will be an interesting fight.

Expectations: Looking for a moisturizing conditioner used for co-washes and possibly as a styler. Must smell nice, and feel moisturizing in and out of the shower. Phthalates need not apply.

I started this journey with a Giovanni Smooth As Silk™ Deeper Moisture Conditioner, I  literally wanted to try this for years!

Price: $8.99 (8.5 oz) at Ricky’s NYC (A little rich for my blood)

Product: Very thick and luxurious feeling, allows for effortless detangling (provided you section your hair), coats strands nicely, rinses out clean with a crisp scent. After washing out my hair felt normal. Blah. I was expecting harps to play and my curls to look like Teyana Taylor’s. Alas, I was let down only slightly. The product is still worth a repurchase (if on sale) but still not my HG (holy grail) conditioner.

After feeling like I was missing something with the Giovanni conditioner, I took to the online natural hair community to see what the ladies were talking about (I keep my ears to the streets), I heard very good things about Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Balance Moisturizing Conditioner and decided to give it a try.

Price: 2.99 (16.9 oz) at Trader Joe’s (Now that’s what i’m talking about)

When I lathered up with the Trader Joe’s condish, I knew I could be pushing my luck, I clarifyed twice in two days (a curly girl no-no) and desperately needed to put the moisturre back into my hair. I squirted the product into my hand and I was surprised how good the product felt in my hands. Thick and moisturizing but felt less heavy than Mr. Giovanni. I slid the product through my strands and let sit for like 2 mins. As I rinsed I was impressed with my hair, it felt like it got it’s groove back. The next day,  I tried to use the product as a styler which sadly didn’t work in my favor. But I may be on to something with using the product as a conditioner only.

The verdict: 

It’s a photo finish, the Trader Joe’s conditioner wins on it’s price and formula but in terms of my how my hair felt, the results are quite comprable. But I do like the Giovanni scent better.

How to clarify your hair sans harsh shampoo

Since Feb. I have been bunning my hair with leave-ins and gels and admittedly, I have aquired quite a bit of product buildup. With that said, I did not want to use an off the shelf clarifying shampoo because the can be so drying. But I have just the trick to make your strands squeaky clean yet moisturized. It’s simple:

1 part bentonite clay
1 part aloe vera juice


Let sit for five mins (this can be a messy project so I suggest doing it in the tub) and rinse. Condition if needed.


Buy it. Try it and comment.

A word on apartments

If you follow me on twitter, then you know I am in the process of apartment hunting (much to my chagrin). What you probs don’t know is the journey I’ve taken to get here. When it comes to living alone and in NYC, I have a few tricks of the trade.
1. Stay in your price range- Overspending may mean no food or electric later.
2. Watch out for scams- This is a big one. Anyone who asks you to send money w/o seeing the apartment is up to no good.
3. Location is everything
4. Consider an outer borough or dare I say New Jersey
5. Budget well- Finding an apartment means nothing if you have no furniture to fill it with.


Always Strapped!

Lawd knows I love a strappy shoe in the summer. These are my pics for the divas!

Are the Jessica Simpson Evangela heels fabulous?! Check them out here:

KP Sufferers

Howdy yall, so if you are like me you have Keratosis Pilaris and hate it! Keratosis Pilaris is also known as KP or chicken skin. My areas of concern are my lower legs and the backs of my arms. I was kinda over thinking about it until I watched a Youtube video about a body wash/scrub which “cures” it. Sure enough, my KP went away about a week after using the body wash. So the body wash, is NOT new, it’s a oldie but goodie.

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. The body wash doesn’t have a strong smell (its a unisex citrus scent), it lasts a while because the formula is so thick and it works for the body and face.

Attention California Kinkies!

Straighter Strands

Now I love my kinks and curls but every once and awhile, I want straighter strands. Word on the street is Ojon has a new line of straightening products that rival some of the best products out there. It seems like the healthy alternative to a brazilian straightening treatment. It is currently available for pre-order so hop on this because I can bet this will fly off of the shelves!